Q&A: Vegan-Friendly, Soy & Gluten-Free Options

The Rio offers a great variety of menu items that can be modified to exclude animal products, dairy, soy or gluten, thanks to our from-scratch kitchen. We also have plenty of options for those participating in diets including Whole30, Paleo and the Ketogenic diet.

Please note – you will need to thoroughly communicate with your server when you order to make sure the substitutions are noted.


Q: “Do you have any dairy-free options?”

A: Yes! We highly recommend thoroughly communicating with your server about any dietary specifications or questions you may have. We are able to remove cheese and/or sour cream from most dishes.

However, here is a list of menu items that cannot be modified to be dairy-free:

  • Sour cream and cheese (DUH)
  • Tomatillo sauce
  • Spinach enchiladas
  • Mexican crema (found on top of the Baja Fish Tacos and B.A.P. Nachos – can be removed by request)
  • Salsa Negra (found on the Veggie Quesadilla – can be removed by request)

    Side of Roasted Veggies


Q: “Do you prepare your veggies with butter?”

A: The veggies offered on the kid’s menu are cooked with butter. However, the side of roasted veggies are not! They are gluten and dairy free!


Q: “Is there lard in the beans?”

A: Nope! The Rio black beans are made with black beans, onions, salt, and salad oil to appeal to those who are gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, and vegan!


Q: “Is the vegetarian green chili made with chicken stalk or pork?”

A: No, it is made with homemade vegetable broth.


Q: “Do you have a vegan menu?”

A: Yes! Check out our vegan-friendly menu here.



Q: “Do you have corn tortillas?”

Avoid animal products by asking for no chicken in your Green Chile!

A: Yes! We make our own, fresh corn tortillas daily with corn masa, water, and salt.


Q: “Do you have a gluten-free menu?”

A: Yes, we do! Check out gluten-free menu here.



Q: “Is there soy sauce in the steak marinade?”

A: Yes. However, we purchase a Gluten Free soy sauce to use for our marinades!



Q: “I have a tomato allergy. Is it possible to get anything without tomatoes?”

A: Yes. Here is a list of menu items that DO contain tomatoes.

  • Ranchero sauce
  • House salsa
  • Tomatillo sauce
  • Morita salsa
  • Smoky tomatillo salsa
  • Classic green salsa
  • Atomica salsa
  • Spicy green chili
  • Rice (cooked in ranchero sauce)
  • Sauteed chicken
  • Pico de gallo
  • Garnish
  • Roasted veggies


If you have any other questions about our menu or ingredients, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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