National Tequila Day on July 24th at the Rio

Tequila and TexMex food go together like chips and salsa and the Rio, which began serving the Classic Rio Marg in 1986, has been sourcing and pouring many fine tequilas for years. This year, with more people enjoying tequila than ever, National Tequila Day (July 24) will be an even bigger deal at all six Rio locations, with half off all tequilas all day including Vault tequilas. The offer is good for tequilas only; it does not include mixed drinks or margaritas. 

Ways to celebrate National Tequila Day at the Rio (July 24):

  • Enjoy half off all tequilas all day including vault tequilas. Please note this is good for tequilas only. Mixed drinks or margaritas not included. 
  • Sign up for  MargMob, and get a free Classic Rio margarita!
  • Learn about tequila. 
  • Enjoy our own barrel-aged tequila

Who doesn’t love good tequila?

We offer 60+ tequilas including 17 vault tequilas, kept in hand-welded vaults under lock and key, which are all hand-selected by a committee made up of the Rio’s leadership team. After selections are made, Jeff Volkman, certified Tequila Ambassador at the Rio, creates a presentation of each tequila chosen to educate the employees and customers so they can enjoy and appreciate the individual types and varying nuances.

Cuervo Gold, a golden-style Joven tequila, has been the foundation of our Classic Marg since day one in 1986 because it is the perfect tequila for the popular cocktail. At the Rio, we pour nearly a million margaritas a year with Cuervo Gold making us the largest on-premise Cuervo account in the United States. 


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