National Margarita Day

Every Day is Margarita Day at Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant!

Who doesn’t love a good margarita? Friday, February 22nd is one of our favorite days of the year, National Margarita Day!

We’ve been known to have some damn good margs over the years (eh hem, voted Best Margarita by Boulder Weekly for 13 years and counting!) and we’ve even managed to get some folklore to for our recipe.

…Is it apple juice? …Or Everclear?


We’ll never tell our top-secret margarita recipe – but we can give you a little sneak peek behind its legendary status.

We have a limit of 3 margs per person because each margarita is about 3 shots of booze! So, if you have 3 margs – you’re having 9 shots of the good stuff. No wonder we’re pre-game party central 😉

And, fun fact: when we first opened the Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant in Fort Collins back in 1986, we like to think we introduced the frozen margarita to Northern Colorado.  Our owner and founder, Pat McGaughran, purchased a broken soft-serve ice cream machine and worked his magic to repair it and create Fort Collins’ first frozen marg machine

We may have a limit on margs, but we’ll never have a limit on times we crave, so join us for Margarita Day every day of the week.

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