MargMob: Customer Loyalty Program at the Rio

Did you know that Rio has a loyalty rewards program?

It’s called MargMob, and you get a free Classic Rio margarita when you sign up!

Every dollar spent earns you 1 point. And for every 150 points, enjoy a free Classic Rio marg!

Rio classic margarita

How it Works

You can sign up for our loyalty program on our website, then, at the end of every visit, write your full name and phone number or email address that you signed up with on the bottom of the receipt that you receive from your server.

They will enter the information at the same time that they close your check, and the points get added directly to your MargMob account! You can manage your MargMob account here on our website but your server can also check what freebies you’ve won when you’re at one of our restaurants, too.

Redeem Your Points

As you visit the Rio more often and acquire more MargMob points, you will be eligible for more delicious and free gifts! For example, 500 points gets you a free Jose Cuervo shot! 2,500 points earns a party for 10 people – on us! And 10,000 points earns a trip to Mexico for 2 with some of our Rio staff! Another round, anyone?

Points are accumulated for one year and reset on Cinco de Mayo. Didn’t get the chance to redeem all the points you earned? No worries – your prizes aren’t lost! It’s just the points that reset – so you can still enjoy that free shot you haven’t redeemed 😉

We pride ourselves on being a family here at the Rio. We work together as a family, welcome families to join us any time and any day, and welcome new members to our ever-growing MargMob family! There’s no better time to join our Rio family and start collecting points than on your next visit! Don’t forget to sign up at and get ready for that free Classic Marg to come off automatically with the entry of your information!


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