Harvest Days are the Best Days

Everything’s better: 

  • The fresh, mountain picked Olathe corn is sweeter. 

  • The locally sourced hogs, chicken, sausage and pinto beans are tastier. 

  • Not to mention the Rocky Ford watermelons and the Palisade peaches – which are juicier than the summer’s top romance novel. 

As a “from-scratch” kitchen from day one, we’ve been influenced by farmers from the very beginning.  We’re carrying on that commitment once again as we embark on our fifth annual Harvest Days menu – a special menu offered at Front Range locations from August 16 to September 15, serving fresh, local ingredients from Colorado farms. (Sorry, Folks – this menu will not be available at our Frisco location.)


Combine our 33-year culinary history, our relationships with local farmers, and the incredible produce grown right here, and it’s the perfect recipe for something special and unique.  Our core values of wholesome food and sourcing high-quality ingredients go hand-in-hand, and that is the inspiration for creating the Harvest Days menu.

Our Director of Food & Beverage, Erich Whisenhunt, developed this special menu to feature Colorado favorites like Olathe Sweet Corn, Rocky Ford Watermelon, and Palisade Peaches. He actually owns his own small farm in Northern Colorado and has been passionate about locally-sourced produce his whole life! A Colorado native, Erich has grown his career with us at the Rio, from his first position as a line cook to managing kitchen operations.

The Harvest Days menu is about highlighting the bounty of Colorado farms and incorporating those local ingredients with Mexican influences and the Rio’s TexMex style. Colorado’s a great place to be for the harvest, and it’s fun for Erich to develop a creative menu that highlights local products and the people that produce them.

It’s a time of seasonal transition and changing appetites – somewhere between the lighter fare of summer and the comfort food of winter. It’s a time of uniquely fall produce and bountiful flavor – visit your local Rio to taste the Harvest and honor our Colorado farmers! This specialty menu is only available from August 20th through September 15th!

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