Denver Restaurant Week is Here!

For its 15th year, Visit Denver is hosting the annual Denver Restaurant Week to celebrating dining in The Mile High City for 10-days starting on February 22nd.  Hundreds of restaurants in the Denver area are offering multi-course dinners for a flat fee of $25, $35, or $45 and the Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant in LoDo is one of them!


At the flat rate of $35, we have a delicious menu for 2 to share – including the first round of cocktails.


 Classic Rio Margarita or Big Tex Margarita – 1 per person


Rio Side Salad – 1 per person

Main Course:

Steak & Portabella Fajita or Chicken & Texas Sausage Fajita – to share


Flan, Creme Brulee, or Sopapilla – to share



If you have dietary restrictions with this menu, talk to your server about substitutions.  Please remember to tip your server, even though you are getting deal!

Want to download Rio’s Restaurant Week menu, instead? Click here for a PDF version.

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